Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mid Summer update

 Playing kitchen with the girls
 Mr. Lily (was just Lily until we realized she was a he)
Forever Friends
Swimming lessons

Monday, July 02, 2012

Animal Avenue

Our Pastor accepted a new position with the District and we have a vacancy Pastor. So, church has been changed from 8 am Sunday morning to 6 pm Saturday night. It shouldn't be that big of a change. But it's HUGE. In order to get everyone to stop their afternoon activities and clean up for church I usually have to start at 3pm. Then we don't get supper until more like 8pm. Then Sunday morning is just, well, weird.

We live on a gravel road now. It is one quarter of a mile from an oil road. But in order for us to get to ball games we have been taking the "back roads" of gravel. The kids have been really enjoying seeing the corn grow, watching for cattails, and finding the wildlife. So far we have encountered; a turtle the size of a basketball, a momma duck with her ducklings, several deer, racoon, and skunks.

This past Saturday night, after church, we decided to take the back roads home and turtle hunt. For the SpudFest this year we are hosting a new event, turtle races. So we need some turtles. We didn't find any. We did, however, find a really adorable friendly calf who was hungry and let my kids feed him through the fence. Note to self: bring camera to church on Saturday nights.

Last week, on the way home from a ball game the kids were all in deep discussion about how we should rename the road we live on because of all the critters we have been seeing. So animal alley, critter junction and several other suggestions were yelled back and forth from the front seat to the rear. Then the littlest one, Nora, screams out: "Wait guys, guys, I got it" She is waving her hands about, then stops and says, "ZOO!". We all sat silent and then burst out laughing. I am positive the Lord gave us Nora so we laugh everyday.

Anyway, the nickname of our road is now Animal Avenue, even though we have had several other worthy, ahem, suggestions.

Random summer shots I just downloaded off the camera...
 They just cleaned the corn and wanted to eat it!
 Who ate all the watermelon?
 Lake Vermillion