Thursday, December 20, 2012

T Minus ONE Day

till we sell the house.

Keep on praying, warriors. We sign the papers tomorrow at 3pm.

We emptied out the place for good on Tuesday. So, no more rooms where my babies slept through their first night, kitchen where they took their first step, walls and door where they drew their first lines with permanent marker and painted pretty pink with nail polish. No more fireplace in the basement where Great Grandpa would warm his chilled bones, no more backyard baseball games I could watch from inside.

We spent a precious, wonderful 15 years in that little house. But we outgrew it. We'll miss you.

Preschool Worship Service

 Nora's Nursery Class
Addison's Pre K Class

Happy Birthday JESUS!

Piano and Basketball

Piano recital at Golden Living Center last Friday.

You know that cheer "Be Aggressive, BE - E Aggressive"? Yeah, well it's Miss Maleah's theme cheer. I don't know whether she is going to foul out like her father or be on the floor for half of the game like her aunt. She loves to play, she is always going after the ball and is quick up and down the court. It's a joy to watch her love the game so much.

Maleah's main move, making it a jump ball.

She brings the ball down the court.

Just call me...

Mrs. Grinch.

This morning, on my commute to preschool, I missed my turn. Ryan keeps telling me to go on the oil roads and not the gravel. But the gravel is a shorter commute and I am always late so, you know. Anyway, I missed the turn and I was miffed and then I looked in the rear view mirror as I headed to the oil roads and a HUGE snow plow was blocking most of the gravel road I just missed taking.

Then, I dropped off Nora and went to get gas. The price of gas has gone down and I so very much appreciate the break especially right now. Anyway, Addi wanted something so we went in and got her a carton of chocolate milk and, of course, a coffee for me.

Then we were on the road again and, you guessed it, I missed the turn again. I figured it was a sign I needed to go to the bank so we headed into town.

I have been searching for JOY this past month. It seems in November I could find JOY in the smallest of places but now, I just can't conceive it. It makes me sad. Deep down inside sad, hurt in the heart and gut and soul sad. Try as I might to escape this feeling, I just keep sinking. I yell at the kids, I grumble and grump, the tiniest chores and messes ignite me.

So, we are driving a long and out of nowhere Addison says, "Mom, you know what? Christmas isn't about toys you know, it's about sharing and giving and it's actually a birthday party for Jesus."

My heart swelled and my eyes filled up with tears of JOY. She's got it. At least she understands. That makes me so happy. Maybe I am doing something right?

So Mrs. Grinch is a little less bah humbugish for the moment. Not sure, though, how long it will last. Keep praying :)

Sunday, December 09, 2012

School Concert

For some reason blogger will only let me upload video not photos anymore...I need to research why but until then... here are the latest vids of the kids