Monday, June 30, 2008

moving on up

Despite not having his uniform clean until minutes before the game started my hubby (the stud man) still managed to pitch almost the whole game before accidentally hitting two batters, oops. He came out when they were tied so he doesn't get the win (which I think is a totally bogus rule and if I had some sort of baseball boss power I would change it) but he did bring in the tie breaking run, I think :), with his totally, awesome, studly, barely fair hit, ball down the first base line, AND he looks terribly handsome in uniform...:) For more complete and less biased and probably a bit more correct stats see the website here :) Unfortunately one of our pitchers hurt his hand pretty badly while playing outfield during the game. I was sure it was his head the way he hit the fence but I am praying his hand heals quickly, because he is a daddy and needs to have healthy hands NOT so that we win districts but that would be really nice, too!

2008 Cornbelt Standings


DR Mudcats 14-0

Flandreau 13-3

Canova 9-4

Montrose 11-5

Humboldt/Hartford 9-6

DR PBR 6-8

Salem 6-8

Madison 7-9

Lennox 5-10

Colman 4-10

Harrisburg 3-11

Canton 0-13

Next game is Tuesday night at home against a non-league team, Sioux Falls and then home again Thursday against Harrisburg. Save me some nachos!

Bring it on Cornbelt!

p.s. If you are reading this chris d... I am praying for your daddy. My father in law told me he was up your way and got to golf with him. Hope the rest of the family is healthy and well. Take care and say hi to Barb and the kiddos :)

It's where I live...

A couple of years(and two kids)ago, when I quickly coined a name for my new found online journal, I had no idea what MOMMYVILLE would really be like.

The 'label' mommy is one thing. The entire ever-changing job description should become a written document that must be signed in blood before you ever even look at a boy. Life, as a mother, is completely and utterly incomprehensible.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I LOVE my children. In fact (don't you dare tell my husband) I love being pregnant. I think I could be pregnant forever. It is truly 'pleasantville'. Once those little bodies are outside of me the real work begins.

With my first child I did everything by the book. Read every mommy whisperer article, magazine or encyclopedia to be sure I was right on track with the rest of those one child families. When the second one came I relaxed a little. Yet, I still mostly followed all the rules. Now, I am amazed if I can make it 'till 9 am without a breakdown (mine not the kids'), AND we are adding again to our family in a few short months.

It's really hard to explain why it is so overwhelming. I can't put my finger on one little thing. It's the culmination of a million tiny pieces that make it so (for the sake of those people who haven't yet had children let's call it) interesting being a mommy.

For example;
Yesterday I thought I had everything ready for the day when my darling hubby comes to me looking for a piece of his uniform for the game. "Isn't it in the washer?" I ask. "No, it's still in my bag", he says. I stare at him, dumbly. In my head I am saying (or maybe I actually said it out loud, "You mean to tell me I have to go and find your bag and unpack it as well as do all your laundry, well, EXCUSE ME for filling up my day with other frivolous things like feeding your children and cleaning your house and making your bed and..."

Other things I was doing or thinking of doing at that moment included; weeding and mulching the garden, politely turning down an invitation for lunch (whoever invites a mom and her three kids better be expecting a circus), printing out stats to bring to the announcer of the ball game, listening to the whining and begging of two children wanting to go to the pool before dad's ball game, and taking care of my 8 month old(see how the third child ends up at the end of the list?). Sigh.

I believe I will die in my kitchen. I am constantly cleaning up the high chair, sweeping up massive amounts of crumbs and stuff, doing the dishes, cooking, cooking, cooking, making bottles, cleaning bottles, emptying the dishwasher, trying to fit the pans in the cabinet, putting the chairs back to the table, scrubbing the rug under the table, putting shoes away and taking out the garbage. It is a full time job. I can't believe I ever even get to leave that room. For a few moments, when the kitchen is clean and the table is set and the hot food is just about ready and all the happy, hungry faces are looking at me and thinking, "thank you mom" (because it doesn't ever really get said, but I KNOW they think it). For those few seconds it is PURE BLISS being a mommy. Then someone spills milk and all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose.

But, even if only for that precious moment, I am genuinely happy to live in MOMMYVILLE. You can call me Mom, Mommy, Mother, Hey You or Wonder Woman, just don't expect me to answer you I have a kitchen to clean.

***This post was entered in the July Write-Away Contest at Scribbit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is what I call recycling...

Women's Ryley
Style:6055 Was:$70.00 Now:$14.99

from the TEVA site...
On our quest to reduce the amount of waste from landfills, we’ve found the Ryley. Made from post consumer recycled materials, these kicks are ready for a second chance. Ready to recycle?

Teva Clearance is going on right now. Spend $50 or more and get $10 off and free shipping using code TEVAAdventure08

I want to get the matching men's for dh!

a very WordFULL Wednesday

My sister has started a new business. We spent months on the phone with each other discussing her options, the name of her new gig and LOTS of other very important :) things...

Anywho, she dove in and she is making bows. TONS of gorgeous little hair bows, headbands, hats and ponies for girls and (well, if you have a boy like mine) boys, too. They are so adorable I have already spent a fortune on them. Here are some cute photos of my kids and nieces wearing them. If you are interested in seeing more you can get a hold of Jo at Warning. This stuff is addicting. Her website isn't up and running yet, but as soon as it is I will post a link.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I'm cranky.

Can't explain it...just am.

Trying to think of a reason why just accentuates all the reasons I shouldn't be.

Had a few friends over for a get-together Friday night and everything went swell. The food was awesome. I love potlucks. I even got compliments on my toilet paper. The hubby put together a makeshift fire pit that we thought we might actually market until we tore it apart and found the 'hot' had burned through the quarter inch plywood and into the yard. It made me laugh. No where near being crabby.

#3 is moving and grooving (no crawling yet but dh informs me 'none of our kids crawled before they walked' huh?) but those adorable blue eyes and her cute button nose melt me every time I look at her. Even after a long night of crying and whining through teething she is still my little sunshine. I am so blessed I dare not get cranky about receiving another chance to be a mommy.

#1 is growing up so fast. She is a huge help. I don't know what I would do without her. She still complains of tummy aches almost every day (which I have attributed to growing pains?!?!) and still walks in her sleep (this past week she opened the patio door and went outside). She is so thoughtful and reminds me every time I slip up and yell that "you don't really mean that mom, that's just the devil talking" I think she understands temptation better than I do. She is saving pennies for a double stroller, a wagon to pull the babies in and a family trip to Disney. I can't hardly be cranky about that.

#2 is in heaven. It's baseball season. Daddy's team pulled themselves up to the fourth ranking spot (from ranking 8th) in three wins. My little boy understands the game so much better this year and he is only four. "Sometimes daddy doesn't win." He states, matter of factly. He gets it. He is still a little too young (and slow) to get the foul balls. He is caught between wanting to be a big kid yet still needing to be a little boy. It sometimes stresses me out. I have to watch him learn how to deal with the circumstances of life. He idolizes his father, going so far as waiting until dh gets dressed to find a matching outfit. I love him to pieces. I don't want him to grow up. Thank the Lord for my October babies. I get another year with them before giving them up to kindergarten. Absolutely no crankiness here.

Dh is super busy between baseball and work. Half the time I feel like a single parent. Hint of crabbiness here. It has been like this for as long as I can remember. Now, at least I have the kids to keep me company.This year we have already gotten one camping weekend in and a couple of family afternoons. I actually feel pretty lucky.

I am doing wonderful. No complaints. #4 is kicking up a storm and I feel tired but healthy. I had my first painful pregnancy charlie horse in the middle of the night Saturday and my husband said, "I thought you were going into labor".

The weather is beautiful. My house is fairly clean. No car is in the shop. The lawnmower is working and the garden is growing. I have nothing to complain about.

I don't know why I feel like staying in bed all day, but I do.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness and Freecycle

I have been a member of a free cycle group for at least a year now. I have given away decorations, teaching supplies, and coupons and have been lucky enough to receive much more in return. It is sometimes a hassle; setting up a pickup time, finding a vehicle to transport a large item, getting a the time I finagled my brother to help my hubby get a deep freeze which, as soon as it was plugged in blew every fuse in my house :( oops. But I have gotten lots of wonderful baby things and last night came upon the find of the year.

My brother, who reminds so much of daddy, recently moved his family to my small community. They rent a small acreage a mile from town. I love having them close by. When they moved I noticed that they were using an old couch that I bought the year we were married from president of the hospital my husband works for. I vowed then and there to search for a couch fitting for a family of four and not a waiting room. Several times I thought I had found the perfect free one. Once my brother even drove to the house and the woman had given it away already after promising it to us. That along with a terrible experience my mother had trying to find a suitable home for grandpa's dog made me almost delete my bookmark for free cycle.

Then, last night, out of the 'blue' I read this humble post...

i have a blue leather couch sitting in my garage in very good condition
if anyone is in need of it and has a truck please let me know thanks we
are also willing to transport it to someone within sioux falls city
limits thanks so much again

I think it was the sheer exhaustion from working the concessions at the ballgame for three hours on swollen feet but I responded with a quick reply - "my brother and his family are in need of a couch in good condition"...

Then this morning I find this in my inbox;
your response indicated a need we would like to give you the couch

Then a few hours later I got a phone call with directions and as I passed the information onto my brother I mentioned my gut feeling about this family seeming exceptionally kind.

Later, my brother calls me back to let me know that the couch is in pristine condition. The family was extremely nice and even DELIVERED THE COUCH 30 MILES because my brother did not have transportation until tomorrow. They are moving and gave my brother a grill and a few other items. They politely exchanged phone numbers while both families children played together in the backyard. My brother was in shock that people would be so generous and helpful. He thanked him again and again and asked me to email another thank you to the family.

Sometimes it's the little things that really open your eyes to the amazing compassion of people who love to give. As I was checking the post again I noticed the user name; the_preachers_wife2006.

I asked my brother if the man mentioned anything about being a pastor or a reverend. "Not a word." was his reply followed by, "I would be really surprised if he was".

I wouldn't, even if they had a different user name altogether.


This is MY kind of fishing! (She is chomping on yummy goldfish crackers:))

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

We knew we were in for a treat on our weekend camping trip when dh's father called and said, " when I was your age I should have fished more and played less baseball".

On Thursday the packing frenzy began and by noon we were on the road to a little campground five hours North. The weather was in the 70's when we left and when we arrived it was 20 degrees cooler and raining. We didn't pack the right clothes.

Daddy set up the campsite and before we knew it the sky was dark and it was sleepy time. The baby slept so well in the camper. It was a blessing. We had borrowed an electric heater, thank goodness, to keep us warm at night. We really needed it.

Grandma and Grandpa took us to the "point" and we fished from shore every day. Friday night the clouds got dark and a mini storm took us completely by surprise. I was holding the baby in one arm and a lawn chair in the other, another chair was between my legs so it would not blow away. The strength of the wind was pretty amazing. I am not a small woman and I thought I might go with it.

The landscape was picturesque. I could only imagine the Lord's hand forming the small rolling hills and shaping the earth for the big Missouri river. It was breathtaking. It made me want to paint. Hardly any trees and just miles and miles of grassy hills along the river and highways.

The kids both learned to cast and catch fish. They caught something everyday. There were bass and walleye to keep and red carp and silver slip jack to throw back. #1 caught the biggest out of our bunch. She proudly posed with her 21 inch walleye. Dad even measured for all you fish story tellers...check out his facial expression:) I think he was a bit surprised she could reel a big fish in all by herself.Oh, we did other things than fish, I think... I just didn't take any picture of those things. Except the 'camper slide' and #3 with her new favorite toy (it's a bobber for all you non-fishing types).

Sunday was an early morning as we packed up to leave. Dad had a father's day ballgame to get home for. He pitched and the boys gained another win. Check out the Muckdog website for stats.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Pee Party?

Golden Showers Garden Party - 6/21/08

Golden Showers Garden Party

The Crunchy Chicken has another challenge. The comments suggest using diluted urine on your garden could help your produce PRODUCE!


Not sure I am up to the challenge but, we may have people over that weekend. Do you think if I asked them to pee in a bucket (for the good of the earth) they would call me crazy?


Defying death...


This is miraculous.

Wonder how they will explain this to him when he is old enough to surf the net and find this article?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Mama mia

The baby is currently taking her second nap of the day and it's only 1:47.

Had to keep myself busy so I found a couple of yummo recipes to try.

The first one is from one of my frequented blogs, SCRIBBIT. She is one of those super-organized bloggers with a day reserved just for posting recipes. I try (and love) most all of her recipes. This happy cheese bread is delicious. About 2 seconds after I snapped this photo I ate half a loaf. My dough was really wet and I was afraid it wouldn't turn out, but it did. I should have used a sharper knife to make the X because it baked itself away. I used a tablespoon of flax seed in mine to make it healthy:). I also only used a palm sized ball of mozzarella because I was running low on cheese. You gotta try this one. It is delightful alone or my kids loved it dipped in a little of my homemade tomato pasta sauce. MMMMMmmmmmm...

The second recipe I am trying today is a meatloaf. My family digs meatloaf. I actually have a perfect recipe that I love, but this inside out cheeseburger one sounded too yummy to pass up. It is in the crock pot now and should be ready before daddy leaves for work tonight. I am serving it with curly fries and lettuce salad. Can't wait!

Thank goodness I live in the Midwest where cheese is the ingredient of utmost importance.

Happy Cooking:)

Update! Cheeseburger in Paradise was a hit. I used Jimmy Dean Sage sausage and ground chuck instead of ground beef. YUMMO!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

At least the sun was shining.

Sanford must have some friend in high places because the weather was BEAUTIFUL for "daddy's big party" yesterday.

"Your boss must really like you to throw you such a nice party." #1 said as we entered the carnival.

My husband snorted.

We shared the parking lot of Howard Wood with only about another 35,000 people or so. We waited in lines longer than the length of the small town I live in. But, the kids had fun riding on the rides. Dh is working the night shift this weekend so we missed the morning activities and pretty much all of the "games" had given out all of their prizes by the time we had arrived. Because of our cramped schedule (dad had to be to work by 6:30) we didn't wait in line for the free supper. It was okay. There was A LOT of people there. We didn't take the baby, but a lot of people did bring strollers. I felt for them as they maneuvered that thing through the crowds of people.

Since my husband missed the concert he received both a Sheryl Crow and a Rascal Flats cd that we can listen to in the comfort of our own home.

I think it was a nice thank you to the employees and their families. A bit too many people for my own liking, but most everyone we met was happy and having fun.

It's a...

happy, healthy, baby!

You didn't really think I would go and ruin the surprise, did ya?

The baby weighs about 12 oz and is almost 11 inches long already. We're right on track with measurements and looking at around Oct.10 for delivery, if I am induced as with my first two.

That big mass on the top of the ultrasound is the placenta. In every one of my pregnancies, my placenta has been anterior which makes for a bit of difficulty feeling any early movements.

Joy for me!

Monday, June 02, 2008

working out...

My exercise regime is interesting to say the least. This morning my triceps were screaming in pain. Then I remembered my workout from yesterday.

I picked up the toys.

I ran to the bathroom to pee (see, my legs get a workout, too?).

I improved my dexterity early in the day (we have 8 am church) by French braiding a non-compliant #1's hair.

I scrubbed (count them) three (thank you very much JG - you are not so good looking anymore) white pairs of baseball pants three separate times between 11 pm Saturday night and 10 am Sunday morning.

I ran to the bathroom to pee.

I laced three different pairs of baseball cleats only for #2 to to decide to wear the zip up ones.

I wrapped a birthday present for #1 to go to a birthday party. I wrote out words for her to write on the card.

I waved a kitchen towel in front of the smoke alarm twice (once for breakfast-not my fault, once for lunch- definitely my fault).

I ran to the bathroom to pee.

I put all the kitchen table chairs up to sweep.

I took all the kitchen chair down to serve (burnt) lunch.

I put all the kitchen chairs up to sweep again.

I spent 6 hours late in the day holding a squirmy, sweaty (feverish), 20 plus pound weight(baby) on either hip or with both arms while she passed out for quick naps (if I put her down she woke right up).

I ran to the bathroom to pee holding a 20 plus pound weight.

I took out the trash.

I picked up the toys.

I ran to the bathroom to pee.

I ate a healthy supper of cereal at 10 pm.

I rocked a almost feeling better 20 pound baby to sleep.

I ran to the bathroom to pee.

I crawled into bed with my 'exercise clothes' on, grabbed my flannel body pillow and passed out.