Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mama said...

There would be days like this.

Here is mine.

Woke up. Worked out:) 
Got a call from hubby during workout, he forgot to wake the kids before he left.
Called the kids to wake them up.
Kept the rooster at bay to get kids on the bus.
Put dry beans in a pot to soak.
Tried to get ready, threw my bullet proof coffee in the bullet, it overflowed.
Cleaned up the mess. Hurried to get ready. No time to blow dry. Left with very wet hair.
Got to school to realize first hour was planning and I didn't need to rush:(
Visited for a moment with a co-worker while waiting for the bell only to realize that the bells had been turned off for the day. Arrived late to second period:(
Managed second and third and fourth period.
Checked my phone before lunch to find a message from a teacher saying my daughter was sick. 
Told office I needed to go get sick child.
Called doctor to get appointment for sick child.
Picked up sick child.
Came home for an hour. Got mail. Paid bills. Ate lunch. Thought about supper.
Took child to the doctor. Sat in the waiting room. Sat in the clinic room.
Visited with nurse, doctor, and phlebotomist. Diagnosed her with walking pneumonia.
Got prescription for arithromiacin.
Went to pharmacy to get meds. 
Checked voicemails. Called mom and left voicemail. Called husband back. 
Called kids to check on them. Here is the update they gave me.
Rabbit got out, cat had kittens. Rooster is chasing them so they can't get rabbit back in. 
Advised them to spray the rooster with the hose and he will back off.
Got home. Gave sick child meds. Stated boiling black beans. Asked everyone to do chores and checked for homework. Checked beans. Not done. Mom called me back.
Checked emails. Answered emails. Wasted time on facebook waiting for beans.
Checked beans, not done. Started assembling casserole while waiting for beans.
Check beans, not done. Went to cabinet to get a can of beans. Finished casserole. Put it in oven.
Gave my self a jamicure:)
Served supper.
Got a call from hubby he had to go on a late flight. Calling to advise me he'd be home late.
Thought this day was nuts and I should blog about it.
Wonder what else today will bring? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Moments in time

It's been over two weeks now since the dizzyness has taken over my every moment. Those first five days were the worst. The icky naseau illness won and I was bedridden for the most part. If it hadn't been for our trip to Texas, I might still be in bed. The trip was hard and at times I felt ill and stayed in bed, but it also forced me to participate when I could. I was able to capture tiny moments with my family. Precious moments that my mommy brain may too soon forget but my children will savor for a long, long, time.

That first day back at work, I was nervous. It was a lot of work to stay steady, to keep from weaving, to bend over to tie shoes without fainting, to push small humans on the swings, to stay calm and in control. But I did it. I came home spent. Mentally, physically and I think I was in bed before seven p.m. Yet, I felt like I defeated something. I was not going to be beaten by my wacky ear, brain, whatever issues. Life is too short. It's too full of special moments I don't want to miss. I am having way too much fun in these moments to waste them away feeling sick and sorry for myself.

So, I got the eyes checked. There was a significant change. I ordered new specs. Maybe it will make a difference. We will see. This week we get the ears checked and check in with neurology. Hoping for answers. Yet, I am coping. I know that I don't like living like this, but I will survive. 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Miles and miles

Today was the first day back to reality. We just returned home from a ten day vacation. We traveled 2400 miles. My children met family they have never met before. It was amazing and precious and exhausting. 

I have childhood memories of making the same trip with my father. Those memories are very special to me especially now that he is gone. 

The kids now know my aunts and cousins and their great aunts and second cousins. God is good.
Many days were spent by the massive body of water that makes you feel as if you are so tiny, so insignificant... 

My cousins children playing with mine in the big ocean. Feels as though it's a whole world away.