Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old fashioned corkscrew curls (Olivia curls)


This hairstyle is super fun and just what a girl with boring straight hair wants in her hair when she is in the mood for something different. First you need an old sheet or pillow case. I used a flannel body pillowcase I picked up at a thrift store. Cut strips of fabric at least double the length of her hair. My strips were about one inch wide.
Separate the really wet hair (we usually do this after a bath and I keep a spray bottle handy for dry ends) into sections, follow your usual parts so that the curls will lay nicely when they are dry.

I use a clip or a pony to attach the fabric to the top of the hair where it meets the scalp. Wrap the HAIR around the cloth so that none of the cloth is visible. When you get to the end of the cloth carefully wrap the ends in the fabric and then continue all the way back up with the fabric so that you cannot see any hair. This protects the hair so when she sleeps or plays it doesn't get messy. I just simply tie the cloth at the top.

Let it dry completely, preferably overnight. Take the cloths out and viola! Cute, corkscrew curls that last a few days. She loves this one. We do it once a month or so. It takes almost a whole G rated movie for me to do her head :) We call these Olivia curls because Maleah thinks her curls looks like her cousin Olivia's hair.

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