Thursday, February 23, 2012


 This picture was taken one week ago. We had a "picnic"on the deck for lunch. Yesterday it was near 50 degrees.
 Today, however, my snow deprived three year old was in HEAVEN. She was outside for over 2 hours. I had to beg her to come in.
 She did beg me for some raisins and carrots to make a snowman, which was actually more of a snow pile, but who is judging? I watched her spend at least 45 minutes making the perfect face and devour most of it in less than 5 minutes. I guess playing in the snow make you hungry. Sorry little snow pile, your life was short lived.
She also ventured over to the neighbors house to 'help' her brush the snow off her car, but ended up trying to start a snowball fight, good thing she can only hold a teaspoon of snow in her hands or we may have had to call in a mediator. It was like she had never seen snow before. All morning she was smiling and laughing and really soaking it all in. Literally, she went through three pairs of mittens :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Hair and She Shoots She Scores!

Yesterday morning I cut my workout 15 minutes short (thank you Michelle) so I could come home and do heart hair.
Then; I got ready, sent two off to school with valentines, made my lunch, got one off to preschool with valentines, subbed, came home, ate candy, made supper, crammed everyone in the car, drove to Maleah's ballgame, spilled goldfish all over the bleachers, watched Maleah score 10 points, visited with friends, came home, got the kids ready for bed and REALIZED I DIDN'T TAKE A PICTURE OF HEART HAIR YET. So, forgive me for the worn in heart hair look. This is truly an all day style :)
 side pig tail hearts for Maleah
 back pony heart for Addi
one tiny toddler pig for Nora

and some of the game for Grandma and whoever else is interested...ignore my commentary, something comes over me when I watch her play and I pretend that I am the smartest coach in the world, foolish, I know, but it's that transformation thing I was talking about...   

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wintring (Winter + Spring) or Sprinter

Maleah has been really enjoying her basketball season. I am shocked at how much it changes me as a person. I turn into a crazy screaming mom who yells from the bleachers with no concern for her other children or those seemingly normal, quiet people who sit near her. It's sort of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hydeish.

Anyway, this last game was only her age group and she really had fun. So did we, watching her. Hence, no really good pictures, sorry.

Last night, for some reason, the kids conned me into making valentines. After much online searching and looking for the perfect ones. Gavin decided on these...
Maleah and Addison, thank you Jesus, decided to use some of the boxes I had purchased at the clearance sales last year. Then Nora made a "yist" of people that she really needed to give Valentines to. So we made some for her, too. Addi and her signed every one all by themselves. They wanted me to write their names on scratch paper so they could "copy". They are growing up way too fast.
Speaking of fast, anyone else think January went by pretty quickly? And here it is the 10th of Feb? Yikes!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

the simple things

I was taking off my shoes this morning after going outside (what amazingly beautiful weather we are having) and I looked up to see my "Rally for Rani" poster framed on the wall. My eyes reread, for the bazillionth time, the short verses and phrases of encouragement that my friends and family wrote to me on that hot afternoon six years ago.

I wonder if they know how often their encouragement lifts me up? I wonder if they realize how often I think of them? I wonder if they can feel how ridiculously blessed I feel because of that amazing day and those simple little words?

I pray that they do.