Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This little piggie...

 Say hi to Wilbur aka Bacon.
 Say hi to Sammy aka Hammy.
 Below zero weather has got nothing on these cuties!
Now say bye to the piggies. Hello pork chops!

I guess you could say I have a little writers block. It's been a long winter. If you are still reading, thanks and I apologize for the lack of posts. Sometimes I feel like I have something to say but it's been rough finding the time to actually sit down and say it :)

If you remember, Gavin got these little piggies for his birthday back in October. It has been a long fall taking care of them. They eat a ton. I mean a ton. They are like, well, um, pigs, I guess for lack of a better word :)

Anyway, when we called the market to get them butchered the wait was over a month. So we had to buy more food :( I am anxious to get them in because it will help out by lowering the food bill around here in more ways than one :)

Anyway, if it was summer we could have a pig roast. But that would be a lot of meat and I don't think I have that many friends...so we'll put some hunks in the freezer for later.