Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy season just keeps getting busier...

My daily planner looks like someone upchucked letters and numbers all over it. BLECH!
Relearning the old routines with new stuff thrown in. It's enough to make a mom's head spin.
Somehow I still get through it. I have learned in the last few years to take small bites and chew slowly instead of stuffing the whole thing in at once. It's helping.

We finished up the summer with a quick camping trip to the beautiful Lake Vermillion. I must have been busy because I only took the one photo above. Someone told me to take it or I would have missed this memory. I thought for sure she would fall out and break her arm...

The girls finished up their tball season thanks to some really wonderful volunteer coaches. This little village of mine really rocks. It was really great, they had little skills clinics and the girls enjoyed it, they can't wait for next year.

The pool is open this week for the first week of school. It looks like the temps will be warm enough to enjoy a couple of dips in the water, too. I am thankful for the job and the fun memories for my kids in the water.

Gavin started junior football. He would sleep in his pads if he could. He asked me if he could wear his jersey to school on the first day :) His first game was Sunday. He did very well. He plays every Sunday  at 4:30for the next month or so. If you are in Sioux Falls, come out to the Sanford Youth Sports Complex and enjoy a game. This Sunday we are on Field #7. Above are a few highlights from Sunday's game. I amazingly caught this video even though I had no clue what was happening as you can tell from the audio :) P.s. he is #12

And we are keeping really busy on the farm. Dad has almost completed a pen for some kind of animal. He is keeping it all hush hush, no one knows when and what kind of animal will actually live there. But we are all helping to make this dream a reality.
removing the old fences
making new ones
is that a big hole daddy?
let's see
it's almost ME big
it's most of ME big
taking a break from 'farming'
this is gonna be a big gate...

Yesterday was the first day of school for this fifth grader
and this third grader
and off they went...

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