Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012


My life is utter chaos. I need a secret playbook. Oh wait, I have one.

Then I will take the kids to preschool/dentist/piano/practice/home again and call it a day.

Maybe I will get lucky and today the cats won't get locked in the garage and break the glass vases, and the kids won't jump on the couch and knock picture frames off the wall and break them and the superintendent won't call to tell me about one more thing my kid has done.

My coping skills are waning because I finished off the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday and there is no more sugary goodness to tide me over.

It's okay to have three meals a day of cereal, right? It only happens a couple times a month, I think. 

The rest of the time we have cookies.


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Yes, Jesus loves me!

It's taken me almost 38 years. But I am finally starting to figure things out. I think.

We started this Bible study last week. I had a group of very different, but each amazing in her own way, women in my living room for a little over an hour. We read, we talked, we prayed. It was good. I can't wait for our next meeting. The book we have chosen was recommended by one of my dearest college friends. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Chapter 2 begins with a short story from the author that illustrates the fact that life isn't fair.

Life. isn't. fair.

I think I hear that from my kids at least once a day. At LEAST once a day. I am sure that I probably told my mom the same thing a million times. Everyone is so concerned with getting their fair share. Myself included. In the secular world we try to justify fairness. Well, he works hard so he deserves a nice house and a fancy car. The kids think that if one of them has a piece of candy found from the depths of mom's purse that three other pieces should magically appear, in all fairness.

It's painfully obvious that life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Babies die. Even with the best education you may not land the job you want. Washers break down. Dogs chew shoes. You get the drift. Life isn't fair, at all.

When we focus on how unfair life is we are putting all the emphasis on the negative. We are distracted, discouraged, and we doubt (the three deadly d's). It sure is hard to see the good things in life when those deadly d's get in the way.

The author really hits it home for me in Chapter 2.
 "Until we stop doubting God's goodness we cannot experience God's love!" Joanna Weaver
That pretty much sums it up. My sister said last week, "We are nothing without God. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. He gives us life, breath, and...well everything. Now, sometimes it feels like things are sketchy and uncomfortable and those are the times that we need to remember He has a plan for us. He is in the know. He will not forget us.

So let's review. Life isn't fair. God is so good. I know He has a plan for me. God loves me.

Lord, I know you love me because You

  • brought me into this world
  • gave me parents who loved me dearly
  • gave me siblings who support me and care for me
  • helped me find my husband who is my best friend
  • gave me a voice to sing your praises
  • gave me a brain to learn about you
  • gave me four babies who amaze me every day
  • provided me with friends along the way to help me through every bump
  • helped me survive cancer, which you gave to me to teach me to trust you and have faith
  • have a plan for me
And guess what? 

He loves you, too. 

Sunday, September 02, 2012

photo shoot

 this is the best we could do :)

 the young man
easy to photograph
all four of 'em