***UPDATE 1/2012  It seems google reader has changed settings and I no longer can figure out how to link the great deals to show up here. I think you will have to follow me on google to see them. Here is the link to my posts page. I like the posts of deals that I think are too good to pass up. If you have any questions let me know!

BELOW in the box you will find a running list of the best current deals I have found.

I read hundreds (no exaggeration necessary) of freebie, deals, and mommy coupon blogs everyday and then I compile a list of the very best deals right here for my faithful readers. Just click on the link (or to get a complete list with photos and my personal notes. click on view all at the bottom) to get to the deal writer's original post. Most of them have very easy and complete directions on how to get the best deal

I purchase the deals that make sense for my family but I cannot purchase all of these deals. So shop at your own risk. Sharing them with you makes sense because I know it really helps when we can save a buck or two on the things we need. I call it being cheap, some call it living frugal. Call it what you will,  these deals are how I clothe my family, buy my groceries, send my Christmas cards and get the most unique and frugal gifts for everyone on my list. 

If you have any questions or are looking for a specific item PLEASE ask!  I live to love bargain shopping.

Happy hunting:)


These are my FAVORITE products from Amazon. Be sure to check the price as they change quite frequently. Amazon carries almost everything!

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