Thursday, December 01, 2005

Digital Photo Masterpieces

It took over 30 photos and 2 hours of taking pictures to come up with this one mediocre shot of the kids. At least they are both looking at the camera and not crying or blinking. Thank goodness for the person who invented the digital camera. I think it probalby would have been worth the money to take them in to a studio. What a job those people have! Can you imagine trying to get kid after kid to smile using a rubber duck and some wierd facial expressions (for an 8 hour shift)? No thanks, I gave up after one session with my own offspring. I am putting a call into my sister in law for better photos, she just got herself a new digital camera as an early Christmas present. Years from now, my kids will look back at this photo and remember me telling them to stand still, put their hands down, look at the camera and smile for heaven's sake. Precious memories......
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