Friday, December 02, 2005

Confessions of a (novice) stay at home mommy

Okay, we are over a month into this now, so time to reevaluate how things are going.

Hillbilly Housewife website and Mommysavers are truly life savers and have lots of great information. Love the menus and the recipe's as well as the frugal advice. I love the Complete Tightwad Gazette and am currently bidding on a copy on EBAY, cross your fingers for me.

Joined Freecyle group, won't help financially, but will help de-clutter and maybe I can get something I really need for FREE.

Created this blog to satisfy my writing urges and because my friend suggested it.

Took oodles of clothing to consignment shop, and have received checks in the mail!!!!! Prompted me to go through the closets again.

Reduced some monthly bills, still trying to convince DH we can do without others. Continue to work on this weekly. Began budgeting utility payments. Still trying to develop strategies to get out of debt. This one is really hard to do. I think we are going to end up consolidating some debt and refinancing the house. At least we have a house.

Started meal planning, about two weeks at a time. I have consistently been trying new recipe's, thanks to my wonderful friend, Cindy. I am using powdered milk in recipe's and the kids will drink it, too. I have made homemade egg noodles, homemade cream soups, homemade breads and more. I have bought a cheese grater and borrowed my mother's Vita Mix blender. Have plans to purchase a food processor.

Trying to save energy by watching the water consumption, turning lights off more and turning thermostat down.

Most importantly, spending lots of time with kids. We are playing and reading and having fun being a "family". Actually, house is pretty well organized, too. Things are, for the most part in their place, and as long as daily chores gets done, house stays fairly clean.

Overall, this review finds a well organized and happy home. Some major work still needs to be done in the budget department, but we are getting the ball rolling.

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