Thursday, December 08, 2005

Phooners are happy people.

My internet provider sends out a newsletter each month outlining great sites to check out each month. Last month I learned what a phoon is. "See Pictures Of People Doing The Phoon - Have you "phooned" for anyone lately? Well, you may have and not even known it. Ask someone to take a picture of you while you're in a phoon pose (arms and legs bent in a running position, turned sideways, not looking at the camera or smiling) and send it into this site for posting. Hundreds of people have already done so. Check out the images of people doing the phoon in crowds, in foreign countries, on fountains, at theme parks, in tight fits, at airports, on beaches, in costumes, with animals, and more." Golden West, November 2005
I told everyone in my family about it, since SD hadn't submitted a picture yet. Leave it to my brother in law to take a picture of some of his family members outside the Rhubarb capital of the world, Leola, SD. I know it's not current events, people, but we had a great time viewing this website on Thanksgiving. Looking for a good laugh? Find the pictures of people not doing the phoon correctly, narrated by the author of the site. I almost wet my pants. I think some brave soul should phoon in front of the now infamous leaning Zip Feed Mill, the tallest (and now thanks to "BOOM" also the most crooked) building in Sioux Falls. Learn more about the Zip Feed Mill here

This month the website to check out is What an awesome concept! Let's make the news uplifting and enjoyable to watch. Ever wonder why everyone is so negative all the time? Try watching the local news and see how the bad stories stack up against the good. I can't help but think if we had more positive stories to wake up to and watch before we turned our brain off at night, we might be a little nicer and more fun to be with. I put this page on my favorites list and signed up for the newsletter. They are looking for citizen journalists to report for them. Who knows, I may even submit an article or two? Happy people live longer!
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