Tuesday, December 20, 2005

That's NOISE not music!

Last night we attended our nieces girl's basketball game (GO IRISH!) in a small town not far from here. The "entertainment" was two high school girls singing into a karaoke machine. Which, at first, did not seem like too bad of a deal. But almost as soon as they started I decided that the noise of the crowd was much kinder to my ears. Having had a headache before we even got to the game didn't help things either. Anyway, the girls proceeded to wheel out two mobile speakers to each corner of the south side of the gym and then a teacher or adult helper wheeled out the machine with added speakers. The microphone was turned up to the hurt people's ears loudest setting. Then each girl sang as loud as she could to oldies and country western songs. They probably had talent, but the overamplification completely ruined the whole experience for me.
I may never attend a game in that gym again. The nachos were also overrated......
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