Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Iced Coffee

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The pioneer woman posted a recipe a few weeks back about iced coffee. I wanted to make it but I was frightened. I had no large container like hers. I do not posses an adorable dispenser like hers. I put it out of my mind.

This weekend my mom served me a tall glass of iced coffee. It was AMAZING. I looked in her fridge. She had a large jar of coffee concentrate with a screw top lid. It wasn't beautiful but it tasted better than Starbucks. I asked her for the recipe. She sent me to Bob's post from 2006. I tried it out with some beans I have been wanting to use up. It is perfect. I am in love with iced coffee.

The two recipes are very similar. Add some water to a pound of coffee and let it sit. Ree sat hers out on the counter. I put mine in the fridge. Some reviewers say that the room temperature makes a more bitter tasting brew. I don't know. Ree uses more water in hers. I like my coffee strong enough to chew it. I like Bob's 6-8 cups of water dilute. It works for me. Of course I add two parts of milk to one part of coffee concentrate and Ree did about 50/50. I coarse ground the beans and let it 'brew' in my big Tupperware bowl in the fridge overnight. I used 4 coffee filters and some paper towels to filter it this morning. I need to find my cheesecloth it is lost in my canning supplies somewhere.

I can't wait to try a shot of the concentrate over chocolate ice cream.....mmmmmmm. Bob lists several recipe concoctions at the end of his post. They all sound delish. Are you going to try one?

Oh and let's talk money, shall we? The pound of coffee was $4 off of The water was free:) I used a few pennies worth of coffee filters and a few more pennies worth of paper towels. I used a half of a cup of milk and a shot of half and half and a teaspoon of splenda for my one cup. I don't know what that adds up to but I do know it is one cheap and tasty treat!  You should try it.
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