Monday, July 06, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Dad requested biscuits and gravy after church and then he and Dr. Mo fixed one of the chicks splayed legs. Mo has been watching you tube videos on how to fix all the problems of these newly hatched chicks. We have three now, uno, dos, and tres. Uno is the strongest and most healthy. 
Then there is dos, who has a pretty large hernia from his umbilical cord which we are treating with preparation h. Tres  is the one we put ban aid splints on this morning. He just can't seem to straighten out his toes. YouTube to the rescue. Hope it works. 
After we rested a bit, dad wanted to take the boat out for a run so we did.
Storms are predicted tonight so we came home and made sure to button down the hatches. Then I heated up dome leftovers and found this.
She has been learning her times tables. She is so excited for second grade. I hope they are ready for her:)
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