Sunday, February 12, 2017

Side Effects

I took my first dose of 1000mg methlypredisolone this morning. Along with 18 supplements mostly thanks to my dear mother. I love you, mom.
I think we can safely say that insomnia is most definitely a side effect. I have slept only a couple of hours tonight. I forgot to ask if I could also take my sleeping pill along with this medication. I will probably remember that next time.Because this is exactly why I shouldn't "surf" at 2 am...

According to these are the known drug interactions.

hepatic function abnormal

gastrointestinal haemorrhage
acute respiratory distress syndrome
loss of consciousness
renal impairment

Yikes,I think I'll watch some PureFlix  instead. Say a prayer that I don't fall asleep working the concession stand tomorrow.Actually I hopped on to this blog to talk about the awesome day I had. I hope that is a side effect as well. The kids helped with household chores and animal chores and then we went for a long walk in the misty rain. It was a nice outing.

     I remember going to this same bridge with my dad and my mom and my siblings.
     Addison said this tree must be a Redwood. You can tell we have family in California.
     They found the largest shells down here near the ice.

    Rock throwing contest. You can see how far because it lands on the ice.

    Ended the day going to church and then having a glass of wine with friends. Couldn't really ask for a better first day of taking my medications for M.S. I feel blessed.

    I don't think I can even bare the thought of googling whether I should have had that glass of red wine. Oops.

    Tomorrow is new day, I hope;)

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