Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow, skating, and soup... I'll call it alliteration Wednesday.

It's snowing. We are supposed to get another 5 inches or so. It's falling straight down right now, it looks pretty cool, but the weather man is predicting icky stuff. Most of the schools to the West of us are closed today. The kids were disappointed...but we still have a chance of something happening tomorrow so they are holding on to the hope that there is a late start or a snow day and they get a few extra minutes of Webkinz in.

Last night we had fun skating...indoors. Here is a fun activity if you are home from school today with a house full of energy and no caffeine for yourself. Sorry about the low light sports setting has no flash. Gotta give credit for this fun idea to Frugal Family Fun Blog.

Get out your wax paper, I only had the press and seal, and wrap the kids feet. Use a rubber band to keep the regular version on their feet. Then, slide... The kids went through about three wraps worth. It was fun and it got them moving. Let's just say they slept well last night.

I had a honey baked ham bone in the freezer and decided to use it up today. Soaked the beans last night and put it together in the crock this am. I wanted a recipe with veggies and this particular one adds carrots and spinach at the end. If it's worth anything I will let you know. I almost did this yesterday but I forgot to soak the beans. It never fails that I am so in tune with food that I serve the exact meal that the kids eat at school, yesterday was ham patties...
Happy alliteration Wednesday all...
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