Saturday, November 06, 2010

sIgH...the weekend

has arrived and dad is working which gives the house some time to settle. It has been a crazy week here.

I just cut Gavin's hair and it didn't go well. I grabbed the three to do the back and accidentally started with the top. Sheesh.

Last night I bit into a piece of crusty bread and busted my tooth in half.

I have bananas on the counter waiting to be in bread with some dark cocoa chips. Plans to make runza's are in the works but are exhausting me just thinking about it.

My brother sent me two lei's from Hawaii and they. smell. so. lovely. I want to go to Hawaii. right. now. please. someone. buy. me. a. ticket. pretty please?

I spent the bday in the big city renewing my drivers lc. (that is AN experience I tell ya), eating lunch with a super great friend, thrifting and hunting for bargains until I couldn't walk another step, coming home to some fun mail and a nice supper with my hubby which may have included two margaritas and some cake...

The kitchen remodel is coming along nicely. Dusty and dirty, but wonderful none-the-less. Down came the wall, down came the beam, up went the new beam (I think we almost maimed a b-i-l with that one) and now the sheetrock is back over the beam just waiting for finishing. Hopefully we can get new flooring and perhaps some cabinets before Nora graduates from high school.

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