Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I will show you

Long gone, hopefully, are the days where they are not tired enough for nap. Here now is the season of playing outside all day and falling asleep before lunch because you are wiped out! YEAH!

So yesterday the girls were trying to slide down the hill on their bottoms, because all they can remember in their two and three year old brains is sledding down that same hill. I tried to teach them the art of rolling. Addi caught on quickly and Nora went sideways for most of the time and then just figured it out on her own. She has no fear that one.

Nora, "Mom, I can't make it not go sideways"

Nora, "Mom what's that in my hair?"
Nora, thinking to herself "This stick is much funner than trying to roll..."

Today they attempted the wall jump.They both jumped from the first block, they both jumped from the second block. But, when it came to that third one Nora jumped 10 times while Addi just moved up and down and up and down. She couldn't bring herself to do it. Addi kept stepping down one and finally she jumped from the third one after Nora had jumped a dozen times. Be careful of the volume on this video. They scream to each other at the end:)


one... two... free...

Nora jumps, Addi moves down the steps.
delayed jump

jump again
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