Sunday, June 12, 2011

blessed exhaustion

This week by the numbers;

ONE wonderful hold your belly laughing cancer survivor luncheon with the most amazing surviving women I know
FIVE 3 mile walks before the day begins
FIVE days of G.A.D.G.E.T  (God's always doing great exciting things!) VBS
ONE 99 degree day hauling bricks for landscape project
THREE bruises on my shin from afore mentioned activity
ONE super helpful nephew during afore mentioned activity
ONE night of painful turbo kick after too long of a hiatus
ONE 4 mile run to help stretch the aching muscles
ONE very long cold night in the concession stand
FOUR ballgames (2 in freezing cold weather)
ONE baby blanket crocheted during
ONE softball tournament in beautiful weather
ONE rainout cornbelt baseball game :)
TWO pans of bars devoured
ONE massive garage sale organized
800+ bricks loaded and unloaded in the trailer and several hundred set in sand already
ONE amazing Saturday afternoon spent with family, wood stain, margaritas and food :)
ONE VBS church service with 50 children singing
ONE Sunday family brunch
ONE afternoon with nothing planned
MOUNTAINS of laundry to do
HUNDREDS of emails ignored
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