Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mega Sad Face

Last night was the bigs first ballgames. Guess what supermommy didn't do? ...take one stinkin' photo.

During VBS we had this awesome lesson where I drew a sad face (or 10) on my hand to represent all the mistakes (sins) I have made. Then I walked around and asked the children if they had ever made a mistake (disobeyed mommy, fought with siblings, lied, etc.) Some children were adamant that they had NEVER made a mistake. Isn't that the truth? We feel like if we admit our faults we are broken and ugly. A long time ago started asking for forgiveness like I really mean it and since I have accepted the fact that I am not perfect and never will be it has been much easier for me to 'deal' with whatever life (the PLAN) tosses my way.

So today, just like every other day, I have a big sad face on my hand. Blessedly, it is washed clean and white with Jesus' death on the cross. Washed with the blood of the lamb. God loves me all the time. Amen. Guess what? He loves you, too, sad face and all.

Happy middle of the week to all my wonderfully and thoughtfully made friends!

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