Tuesday, May 08, 2012

An evening at the lake

This morning it's cool and breezy, but last week at this time it was HOT. So we took a trip 6 tiny miles south to Lake Vermillion where we went fishing and by the end of the school night, swimming. 
 Just making sure there are more dandelions for next year...BLOW
 Shore fishing.
 Gavin and dad made sure all the poles were in working condition.

 Nora found the swings with Maleah.
 Then, our cousins showed up, in their suits. MOM, why didn't we wear OUR suits. Don't know maybe because it is May 1st?
 Rolled up the capris.
 Getting her feet (and butt) wet.
 Addi stuck with fishing. She was really excited to use her new pole from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Russ.
 REAL excited.
So, while everybody else (I can't believe it) swam.
 Addi fished.
 Gavin, coming to see if Addi is catching anything.
 Nora called this a MUDDY pie.
 She fed it to the fishes.
Addi casted out and Gavin tried to catch her little orange fish on the end of the pole.
Dad taught Addi to cast and she did quite well.

Nora didn't want to put her shoes on so Aunt Josie carried her wet, muddy niece to the van.
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