Wednesday, May 09, 2012

a rant

If you are looking for some nice fun lovey dovey post move on. Keep moving. This one is not going to be pretty. So either prepare to hear me whine or go some where else. Thank you.

I just put the kids to bed, check the time, almost 10 pm. I started at 8. When I went into the girls disaster of a room I was HORRIFIED to find permanent marker all over their bunks, the walls, the sheets, the toys...everything. They spent almost 3 hours in there pretending to take a nap, just like they do almost everyday. When they emerged I was playing catch with Maleah outside and I noticed that Nora's face looked a little blue. I asked about the markers and they confessed. I am one of those moms who keeps a little art kit with WASHABLE markers in their room just in case they feel a Picasso moment coming on. There is paper there, too. Although it is rarely used. I didn't even think about the marker because I knew it was bath night. Someone must have put a permanent marker in their box. It's too late now to worry about who to blame. I went ballistic and packed up every single toy. I filled kitchen trash bag after kitchen trash bag with barbies, my little ponies, squinkies, books, dolls, legos...the pile in the garage fills the space of a car. How did they live in that room with all those things? They were crying and bawling the whole time I was scooping the toys up. Can I just have one? PUUUULLLLLEEEAASSSSEEEEEEE momma? Nope. Not even a single lego. I don't know if I will even go through it. I'll have to calm down a bit and see if I want to do the work or just dump it all at Goodwill and start fresh. I hate stuff.

I started this cleanse thing 9 days ago. I quit my vitamins cold turkey and started this. It probably wouldn't be a big deal to most people but I take a ton of vitamins. D, A, B, C, calcium, E, lysine, fish oil, and one more that I can't remember right now. But I am telling you I AM A DIFFERENT WOMAN WITHOUT THEM. And that is NOT a good thing. I really miss my vitamin D. It had to be the week when the sun is hiding, too. I feel icky, exhausted, crabby and downright mean. I am tempted to throw in the towel but it's a 10 day cleanse so I am gonna do one more day. Pray for me.

I haven't planted one thing yet. So, in August when I am bawling my eyes out because I have no tomatoes or peppers or onion to make salsa I will probably be as crabby as I am now. Still, I have no motivation.

I had to get a sitter last night, actually two sitters. One so that I could go enjoy my weekly turbo kick workout and one so that immediately afterwards I could attend the city council meeting. I made a friendly joke about turning in a voucher for babysitting. No one laughed.

I hate being sad. It makes me want to sleep all day and not do even the simple things that need to be done. The laundry is growing legs and moving all around the's in every room now. I haven't done the dishes in a couple of days and we have no spoons or forks.

What is it with this weather, cold, hot, really hot, cold, rain, drives me nuts.

I really need a haircut and to wax my eyebrow and lip before someone mistakes me for a long haired man with boobs.

Did you hear that Obama decided that a marriage is legal even if it isn't between a man and a woman? How did this guy get elected and why does he think he is God? I would be very afraid to be him on judgment day, very, very, afraid.

I don't discuss politics much on this blog. So I have to go. I think someone wants to play words with friends with me now.

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