Monday, March 20, 2017

The plague

Influenza hit us this past week.

Hit. Us. Hard.

Both little girls went to acute care with fevers of 102. Initially diagnosed with strep it turned ugly.

Maleah also tested positive for strep. She went down hard. The girl did not eat. This from the girl who eats everything. It quickly took down everyone but Gavin. When he had to come onto the main floor he would cover his mouth and walk through to the bathroom.

I am convinced it is more than strep. We are pretty awful at resting. If we felt good for even an hour we got up to do something. But we paid for it afterwards.

Today was the first day we were officially back at it. Tonight we are wiped.

It doesn't help that this week is super packed with dentist appointments, reading rally, church, prom, and the first track meet. It is complete and utter chaos.

I have officially decided that I am the worst person at resting. I wish I could show my children how to slow down and take care of yourself. But I can't. I am constantly thinking about what is next on the calendar. I can't take a nap in the middle of the day. I can't sleep in. I can't stop making lists in my head.

I am not a good example.

At one point we were all sitting outside this weekend. I thought to myself, how much longer do we have to enjoy these moments? How many more days will I be able to watch my beautiful children playing in the sun? When will they not want to run and play in the sun? When will they be busy with their own lives and not take the moments to sit and rest on the deck with me?

I wanted to freeze the moment. I wanted to forever feel the sun on my face. I wanted to forever hear the laughter of the girls on the trampoline. I wanted to forever hear the purr of the cat in my teenagers lap. I probably could have passed on the sound of the four-wheeler zipping around the driveway. But I would have loved to have frozen the joy of his face as he drove. So I could look at the joy whenever I want to. When the day is not sunny and the kids are not happy. I could remember this moment of this beautiful day.

I guess I can now. Thank the Lord for words and their ability to freeze this memory for me.
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