Monday, June 25, 2007

Last week of fulltime work for awhile

Things I will miss:

networking with other home visitors, fss's, and program supervisors as well as all the cool support staff who were so kind to me
seeing the smiling faces of the kids when I arrive at their home for a visit (and their parents, too!)
PALS events with the whole families
the Centerville Bakery:)!!!! (baby likes donuts)
listening to my favorite radio station while driving, I just don't turn it on at home
viewing the gorgeous countryside while the sun is rising or setting
touring beautiful Turner County

Things I won't miss:

dogs the size of elephants
driving in the snow/rain/hail
answering voicemail's and rescheduling visits
the paperwork :) he he he
outdoor visits with gnats
having to remove my earrings for baby visits (don't mess with my jewelry :))
getting lost in Turner County
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