Monday, December 22, 2008

Seven Pancakes

The oldest turns seven today.

I made her a stack of pancakes with a candle for breakfast. Note the fine china.

I was hoping to make up for the fact that I tried to make a cake in the shape of an ice skate yesterday, but I failed miserably. Then as I was trying to photograph the miserable failure I dropped the cake on the floor.

Super mom I am not.

I told you how we have been butting heads lately. Well, after the cake fiasco she wrote a note to all her friends saying that the party was canceled because mom dropped the cake and she was not good.

I need to break out something a little stronger than the O'Douls.

Trying to be on her best behavior this morning she said to me, "Mom it's okay that you didn't get me what I wanted, a puppy, because Addison follows me around like one."

Good Heavens, someone help me.

I tried to download photos of the stack of pancakes but my computer refuses to recognize my cameras sd card.***it's amazing how much you ca fix by kicking your hard drive...

I should have asked Santa for a laptop.
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