Monday, December 15, 2008

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‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas and in our shrinking home everything was noisy, even the phone. Amid the chaos I sat, here, in my chair with the newest member of our family, Nora, and her head of dark hair. We were once again blessed on that 15th of October. When she arrived there were lots of arms waiting to hug and hold her.
If you follow the trail of crumbs and toys from one room to another and listen for noise, you are sure to find little big sister Addison who (in that increasingly popular month of October) this year turned one. Addi loves to hold Nora and lick the poor baby’s head with her tongue. Adorable Addi is active and keeps up all busy with her dancing and running and spinning until she’s dizzy. She LOVES to be outside or in her daddy’s arms.Her next favorite spot is the high chair where she sounds the alarm.
Gavin, our one and only son (who turned five in that same scary month) is now completely outnumbered by 3:1. Recently he lost his first tooth. He’s been saying for months he’s a big boy and now he’s got proof! He can’t wait for kindergarten and is forever asking how long and when will it finally be happening. Walking the fields with dad and Shiloh (our dog) hunting for pheasants keeps him occupied. He’s learning to spell words and keep his shoes tied. He LOVES playing computer games and play station, too. When he plays baseball his true colors shine through.
Our oldest, Maleah, this year turns seven. She LOVES first grade, writing and the number 11(really!). She plays house with her sister and school with her brother. More often she can be found helping her mother. She enjoys a big family and lots of friends and yet keeps fervently begging her parents for a pet. She can regularly be found in her room reading a book and we’ve noticed her forming opinions about her own style and look!
The hospital gives dad plenty of work through the year. He often flies with the transport team if the weather is clear. This spring we were able to fly to Hawaii. It was lovely on that island of Kauai. We visited my brother Lucas and saw a monk seal. It is difficult now to believe it was real. We witnessed some amazing pieces of God’s beautiful earth. Yet, nothing compares to the Son of God’s birth.

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Matthew 1:23

May it be filled with love.
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