Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm dreaming of a...

except I'm not dreaming. We ARE going to have a white Christmas, LOTS of white.

I tried to snap a few photos, but it's really hard with a baby in your arms and through a patio door because it's WAY too cold to open it...

I did actually get a break this morning. Little Nora fell asleep in my arms without nursing and let me lay her down :) I should have gotten out a good book (the Bible) or played with my kids or baked some cookies while she was asleep. Instead I scraped the hard water crud off the inside of the dishwasher. I am such a dork. But my glasses will be shining now...actually I only use plastic cups, but a girl can dream.

My husband is snowed in at work (yeah for unexpected overtime!). I told him to take a bag of clothes and necessities last night when he left, but he didn't. He said most of the out of towners who were supposed to work the day shift didn't make it in this morning. He said he'd sleep a few hours at a co-workers place and come back to work tonight so no one cursed him out for putting himself at risk and going home only to not be able to get back in for his next shift. He also said he'd get himself a Christmas present from Walmart...some new tighty whities. I said, "I told you so."

The kids have been playing "Christmas" all morning. They have been shopping for presents and wrapping them and putting up a tree. They saw a bunch of fake Santas and then decided to go to the North Pole and see the real one and then they encountered a snow monster and decided to be one and then they attacked the other snow monster with whiffle ball bats until somebody got hurt and everyone got yelled at and then I made them quit playing and watch a movie. It was only 9:30 am. I love snow days.

Nora is awake, gotta go now.
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