Friday, February 10, 2012

Wintring (Winter + Spring) or Sprinter

Maleah has been really enjoying her basketball season. I am shocked at how much it changes me as a person. I turn into a crazy screaming mom who yells from the bleachers with no concern for her other children or those seemingly normal, quiet people who sit near her. It's sort of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr Hydeish.

Anyway, this last game was only her age group and she really had fun. So did we, watching her. Hence, no really good pictures, sorry.

Last night, for some reason, the kids conned me into making valentines. After much online searching and looking for the perfect ones. Gavin decided on these...
Maleah and Addison, thank you Jesus, decided to use some of the boxes I had purchased at the clearance sales last year. Then Nora made a "yist" of people that she really needed to give Valentines to. So we made some for her, too. Addi and her signed every one all by themselves. They wanted me to write their names on scratch paper so they could "copy". They are growing up way too fast.
Speaking of fast, anyone else think January went by pretty quickly? And here it is the 10th of Feb? Yikes!
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