Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wax Museum SD History

A few years back the 4th graders at our school started this project and it is a very cool way for the students to learn about SD history. Anyway, each student picks a person, place or thing to write a report and make a poster about. Then for the monthly reading rally they dress in character and parents and students go around and "push a button" on the poster to hear the wax figure come to life and tell their story. It is a bit of work but the kids enjoy it and so do the spectators.

After a bit of research, Maleah chose Amanda Clement, who was the very first woman umpire. Her story is interesting. Her brother played baseball in the early 1900's and before one game they were waiting on the umpire who never showed. Her brother volunteered Amanda, whom he said was a pretty good ball player and could take the guys place. She was only 16 then, but she went on to umpire for 5-6 years and paid for her college education. Anyway, Maleah slid (pun intended) into character with her speech and I videoed it for grandma,dad and you. The sound is pretty bad, but you get the main idea.
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