Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The obligatory I haven't blogged in too long 10 list...

Yesterday I needed three of me. I had a Dr. appointment and I got called to sub, twice.

That pretty much sums up how this winter is going. It's as crazy as the weather. I just got back from a short run and I feel like I may have heat stroke, something told me to turn around after a mile and a half. I am glad I did. I was way overdressed and my goodness it's almost 70 in the sun! WOW.

I know I have been neglecting the little blog. It's a bit dusty and all the corners have cobwebs. I am online everyday, I just feel like I don't have time or worthwhile words to post. Here is a brief update of what is going on in Mommyville;

1) My mom is getting married. MARRIED!!!!!! This event planning has pretty much taken over everything in my life at this point. The lucky man is from just East of Sioux Falls and he has swept my mom off her feet, quite literally. I am extremely happy for her, although it will take some getting used to having her in a different city and not in church every Sunday. I have been spoiled. The wedding is in April and will be a gorgeous, blessed union of two amazing God loving people. I can hardly wait.

2) Our piano broke. Middle C just came right off. Which means Maleah is practicing on a keyboard that is VERY LOUD. We are in search of a (nearly free) piano if anyone knows of one. The smaller the better :)

3) Gavin (8) is aspiring to be a chef or at least a baker. He has made cookies twice in the last week. He has learned the difference between T. and t. and now knows how to fluff flour. He also loves making supper. He has made barb-ques, chili and eggs and pancakes. He loves to be in the kitchen about as much as loves to watch football. He helped me make chili the other night for the preschool chili cook off and we won 1st place in our category. He got his picture taken and everything. He was so pleased!
4) Uncle Glenn showed the girls his false teeth. Addison was scared of him but Nora says, "that's what happens to old people, they are just like babies!"

5) Dad and the girls went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Gordon and Uncle Glenn yesterday and the decided to take the boat out. It was quite the adventure. You will have to ask the girls about it, their rendition of the event is quite hilarious. Let's just say old gas and no oar makes for a interesting boat ride.

6) Ryan has applied for the twelve month work every weekend position in his department. It will make for some changes around here. Some good some not so good. We made a list of cons and pros and he decided to turn in his application. We'll see if he gets the job and then we will plan a lot of during the week camping trips, I guess :)

7) I have been busy driving the kids to the dentist, orthodontist, preschool and games. I have subbed enough to make me feel like a professional and help out a bit with the budget. I can't believe how quickly February went. I think I am getting old. The days are spinning past me faster than I can cross them off the calendar.

8) Yesterday on the way home from the doctor I saw thousands of geese flying north. It was quite the sight. People were pulled over on the interstate taking photos. If that isn't a sign of spring I don't know what is.

9) We are still trying to sell our place. I haven't done anything but word of mouth. We are 'on the fence' about moving and I truly believe that if it's God's plan it will get done no matter if I hire the best Realtor or not. Well, that, and I am cheap.

10) What are you doing at your computer? Get outside and sit in the sunshine today and get some vitamin D. It's way good for you :)
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