Monday, March 26, 2012

a ramble

There is so much more value in doing the dishes than just getting them clean. Last night I asked the bigs to help me dry and put away and we had the best conversation. They are growing up so fast.

It's a bad idea to make a loaf of beer bread on a chilly Sunday afternoon when everyone else is busy or sleeping. Just saying I should have doubled my workout this morning.

The sunrise is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, blues and purples and pinks. I am tempted to wake the littles to see it, but I am not that stupid :)

Saturday was beautiful. It was near 80 degrees. We played outside all day, got sunburned and then yesterday it barely made it past 40 degrees. Only in South Dakota...

Nora begged to cook yesterday. She made the best banana bread. She used LOTS of chocolate chips, because they are "very yummy and good".

We put the for sale sign up again. We are praying for someone who will love this house as much as we do to come and look at it. If we can sell, we may be able to move to the farm and, according to the kids, buy a lot of animals. I should go see that movie where the family buys a zoo. Perhaps then I will think twice about moving :)

Maleah reminded me that I told her I would play a duet with her for her recital. I spent all weekend practicing with my left hand in the treble clef. I wrote all the notes in and I still can't play as fast as her. Why do I pretend I can do these things?

When the truck was in the shop we needed it almost every day for something. Now that it's home and we paid the gigantic bill we haven't driven it once. Isn't that the way it goes?

Gavin has been begging to sit up front in church. For as long as I can remember we have sat in the last pew. Our church is very small so the last pew is actually not that far away but still...So I gave in and sat in the second pew on Sunday. As we were leaving church my mom looked at me and I looked at her and our eyes widened. "It's a whole 'nother world up there". My kids are very used to being in the back pew. It didn't help when Pastor started the service off giggling and saying, "you are throwing me off", either. We'll see if we do it again. I think I will wait to see what the kids say.

It's Monday, which in our family is sorta like a Saturday and a Monday with a Friday twist. Dad has the day off, the kids have a regular schedule and I don't have a sub call...yet.

Happy week, my friends. I have been a terrible blogger as of late and I can't say that it will improve anytime soon. Life is more than a computer screen :).
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