Sunday, April 29, 2012

A recap of the week...

On Monday we hung out with Great Aunt Kathy. We planted flowers for newlywed Grandma.
Then we went to the park and played. Then we went to the pub and ate lunch.

  We were all in dire need of a nap so we crashed in Grandma's living room and slept.Then we brought Kathy to our Pajama Party reading rally. We forgot to remind her to wear her jammies. She said that was okay.

On Tuesday we took Great Aunt Kathy to the airport. We waved at all the planes we saw for the next few hours, just in case it was hers. Then we brought hard tacos to dad at the hospital for lunch, only by the time we got there it was kind of like taco salad. He said it tasted good anyway. On Wednesday we went to Grandma's and picked all her asparagus and looked for photos of Grandpa Cliff. Then we came home and made steak, hashbrowns and asparagus to celebrate our 14th anniversary. On Thursday the bigs had their spring concert. Maleah played her recorder and sang a few songs.
 Gavin sang a tribute to American soldiers while photos of our community members scrolled on a huge screen. We saw pictures of Great Grandpa Toffel and Grandpa Cliff.
 Nora directed the concert from her seat. Every single song.
On Friday dad, Gavin and Addison left to go to the cities to help Aunt Lisa and Uncle Russ move. Nora and mom and Maleah stayed home because Maleah had a piano recital today. Can you name that tune?  
**Thank you Mr. VanRuler for the video, next time block me out, I won't wear that outfit again, geesh...

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