Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring chicks

We are so blessed to have friends who buy baby chicks and get them sent in the mail. No kidding! These babies arrived USPS in a relatively small box, all 61 of them. Last night we got to go and see them and boy were we excited!

There is just something about little baby chicks and that adorable sound they make, peep, tweet, cheep. We were enamored. They are such a beautiful shade of reddish gold. One of them is called a "rare" and he is much darker than the rest of them. They are already starting to get their feathers. I can almost taste those farm fresh eggs!

Spring makes me think of new life. Baby chicks, green grass, and the reminder of Jesus' death on the cross that washes (forgives) us clean (new life) of all the black, yucky sins we commit. What a beautiful season! I pray that you can take the time to enjoy it.

We are hustling and bustling here and I am just so thankful we took a bit of time to slow down and hold the baby chicks yesterday, it will be the highlight of our week, no doubt!
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