Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding - by the numbers

94ish new family members, he comes from a big family
54 bobby pins in Maleah's hair
29 people from Mom's side of the family at the wedding
24 tables covered with rolls of plastic and very difficult masking tape
20+ flower arrangements made by a few talented women on Friday
18 grandchildren all together, hope Grandma and Ted take their vitamins :)
12 day time cough medicine doses taken
10 the number of the spray tan I decided to go with, shoulda done the 8
8 jordan almonds an Italian wedding tradition, 8 to represent new beginnings
5 kinds of cupcakes at the reception, my favorite was the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
3 times the kids got to swim in the hotel pool
2 very happy newlyweds on their honeymoon
1 exhausting wedding weekend

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