Monday, March 09, 2015

A heroic lesson

In this modern world, face to face, real people time is getting rare. We go about our days, doing what is required of us. Texting, facebooking, catching the latest on twitter. We are continually scrolling past feeds with stories of remarkable significance. We speed read about amazing rescues, adorable animal heroes and remarkable people.

This past Friday I was able to freeze time and get some amazing everyday people to come into our school and tell their stories. The thing about people is they all use real words to describe emotional experiences. Each experience is unique and then when its shared with a sense of purpose and accomplishment it develops into a story. Every time we share our stories with others, one person may find a word or a phrase that turns on that brain bulb and attempts to make sense of this crazy world.

It all started with a book. I was looking for an author to bring to school to celebrate our Read Across America event. I googled upon a book called Dolores Huerta; A Hero to Migrant Workers, by Sarah Warren. The way the text was written attracted me to the authors website. I read about her ten year journey to write a children's book about an inspiring woman who did great and wonderful things for her community. It beckoned me to want to find our local heroes and tell their stories.

Over the course of a year I was able to ask around and invite seven everyday people who did or do amazing things that can empower the rest of us to find our own "super"powers. This simple book about an amazing woman inspired me to plan this event for our students. It was a powerful learning experience for everyone involved regardless of their ages. Allowing each listener to discover their own potential to be a hero.

Sarah Warren's book and her lessons for the students gave me the opportunity to reach out to my community and create an exceptional experience for the youth. I hope that this experience will impact the children for years to come.

I am so very thankful to have met Sarah and I hope that she is able to share this story and her language and writing lessons with as many children as she can. Want more information on the amazing author? Go to
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