Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'm so dizzy my head is spinning like a whirlpool it never ends...

Name that tune...

It was a week. We all have weeks.

Thursday night I was particularly unsettled, almost revved up, like I had too much java juice.

Friday, I awoke feeling a little dizzy, but unfortunately that has been more normal lately.

So, I went to light weight lift with my friend. The dizziness did not go away. In fact by the time I arrived back home it had gotten worse. So I decided to lie down for a bit.

The next time I tried to get up the whole room was spinning and I needed a puke bucket. And that, my dear readers, is how the rest of the weekend went. Sprinkle in an acute care visit, an er trip, lots of tears and frustration, and you have my weekend.

It seems your inner ears have some much o import ante parts in them. Parts that are so tiny a cat-scan with contrast won't even pick them up. But you still have to pay for it :). Anyway, the er doc thought that my teeny tiny ear parts must be inflamed. Which confuses my brain and equilibrium to the point where neither knows if I am standing or sitting, moving or still.

I was relieved that it wasn't anything serious. I was not happy that there is nothing you can do to "cure" it. It will just go away when it wants to. I filled up one of those pretty blue plastic sacks on the way into the er and another one on the way home from the er.

They prescribed some anti-nausea pills and some pain numbing pills that sort of fog my senses up a bit, but the overall dizziness is still there.

I guess this is a fairly common disorder in women. The er doc says he sees at least one patient a day. Yikes. This is pretty uncomfortable for me and I wouldn't want anyone else to go through it, especially since its a guessing game how and why it starts and when and if it ends.

I was a bit discouraged this morning. As good as it sounds to stay in bed for three days. It actually is terribly boring especially since you know nothing is getting checked of the only getting longer by the minute 'to do' list.

Mom, took the kids yesterday to let me sleep and Nora called me after church this am. "I prayed for you to get better, momma! We all did !" Brought a few moist drops to my eyes but I am strengthened by her hope and my faith that it is all planned out already, I am just following the path. Albeit a very curvy, winding one at the moment.
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