Thursday, March 12, 2015


Three of my four kids came home yesterday with bright canary yellow papers screaming "I need to find somebody...." They were arguing about who was going to "win".

I knew what all the fuss was about. I had been approached by an elementary student earlier in the hall. She asked me to be her sponsor. She caught me off guard and I reluctantly said, "sure" before I realized what it was I was actually signing up for. She said, sign here and date. So I did. Then she said, "what time?". My brain was brought back to real world issues when I said, "What time for what?". It seems I was actually signing up to donate blood. Which I immediately squashed because I thought that my chemo fried blood would be unwanted, but after reading the pamphlet it seems after one year in remission it is okay to donate again. :)

Now,please don't judge me. I have no issue with the donation of blood. I used to donate plasma all the time. My issue is with the way the child approached me. Maybe I was too distracted to get all the information. Maybe I should have slowed her presentation down to the speed it takes my old mommy brain to hear things. But I have real issues with little kids running around collecting signatures and phone numbers for something as serious as a blood donation.

After refereeing the fight between  my kindergartner, first grader, and fifth grader, I came to realize it was some sort of class competition to get people to sign up. The class who get the most people to actually donate gets a pizza party. Any student who signs up someone who donates blood wins a t-shirt. I understand how life saving a blood donation can be. Isn't the fact that you are saving a life reward enough? Now we need to bribe our young with food and free prizes?

What has the world come to that we have to bribe kids ages 5-12 to get people to cough up their phone numbers for a blood drive?

Maybe this situation is not the way it was intended to happen, but I am really turned off about the process. It's unfortunate, too, because I might have actually donated if I didn't have to choose a child to support :)
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