Sunday, January 15, 2017

Keurig, Kickboxing, and Kitchen

The news came last night that the baby was born! So for me its Hi, Ho, Hi, to work I go.

For Christmas I bought myself a Keurig. It was an amazing deal I just couldn't pass up. I was dreaming when I thought having a single cup coffee machine might help me kick my habit. In reality I have only gone from a pot of coffee a day to 4-5 really amazing strong cups of coffee. It's awfully wonderfully terrible. I am totally in love.

Just last week Amazon Prime Instant Video put up a lot of free exercise videos. I perused many of them before stopping on the Kickboxing one. The thing about winter is it limits my outside workouts so much. I just need a little something different to make me excited and feel like I am doing something. Well, I really like this video and it has a little ab workout included! Bonus! It also made me a little sore :) No pain no gain, right?

Today was the first day in quite some time that the calendar was blank. I really felt like sitting on my bum but after worship this morning I started cleaning the kitchen/dining area and by 4 p.m had completely rearranged two rooms on the main floor...oops. Today was a rest day but moving the piano kind of ruined that. It was an interesting way to get my strength training in. Hope the hubby likes it when he gets home from ice fishing.

The ice and snow are predicted for tonight and tomorrow. So my first day back in the saddle might be a delayed one. Stay safe, stay warm. Drink some coffee :)
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