Friday, January 13, 2017


One of my New Years resolutions was to read a chapter in the Good Book every day. I am following a plan from one of the authors that I love, Joanna Weaver. We started at the beginning in Genesis. Then took a walk in some Psalms. Now we are back to Genesis. You know what is most fascinating to me? The fact that must have read the book of Genesis now at least half a dozen times and STILL I am realizing new information and making new inferences when I read those words. That is the wonderful thing about revisiting the Word. Every time I read it I am at a new place in my little insignificant life. And all of a sudden a verse brings new meaning to me. I am in awe of what a few minutes of spending time reading the Bible does for me.

That Noah, what a man! To be chosen by the Lord because of his faith, to carry on the human race. My mind can't help but flash to that recent movie with the funny guy as Noah. It seems a bit funny in the movie, but this is the Word of God in other words TRUTH. Can you imagine? Hey Noah your faith is so amazing that I want YOU to build an ark and continue a human race starting with your family. What an honor. How could he even concentrate on building while contemplating the powerful responsibility that was upon him? Then the wait...and the rain...and the water...and the waves.,. and the living on the water...and then to start all over.

Those verses about Noah planting vines and drinking wine. A span of several years going by in less than a dozen words. He was the first to plant the vines and then he drank the wine. Do you know how long it takes grapes to grow? Years, Tens of years to make wine. The passing of time happens so quickly in these verses. Hundreds of years before the son of Adam passes down to the son of Lamech and Noah is born. Chapter 5 and already the story of creation and hundreds of generations have occurred. All in a few words. I can remember being in Sunday School or Confirmation and reading those verses and just stumbling over the names of all the descendants of Adam. Wow. All I can say is WOW. In my last post I referred to kids growing like weeds.It happens so fast.

We get a tiny peek at what life was like at that time. The people sinning and building towers to the heavens and the Lord not in favor with their beings and confusing their languages to make them spread out and fill the earth. How awful must it have been for God to want to end all of the living? How terrible was life at that time? How did it compare to life now? I wonder. But we do not have to fear about the Lord sending a flood again. He promised he wouldn't and He is One who will never break a promise. Never. Ever.
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