Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Attack of the Grackles! UPDATE

Found a nest of ugly baby birds as big as baseballs last night. Actually the birds had fallen out of the nest, they were too BIG! Called the Game, Fish and Parks dude and it seems these annoying birds are actually covered by some federal migratory act and cannot be shot at. They are only protecting their offspring, he said. WELL SO AM I! So he told me to remove the young from my property. I live in town and so I could take this little black baseball shaped thing and walk 34 feet in either direction and rid my property of the whole family? Yep, he said. Well that would be stupid, now wouldn't it. I could still hear the annoying chatter if it was on the same block as me. Can I remove the nest? No, he wouldn't encourage that. Well TOO BAD! I am getting rid of these things as soon as I can convince some idiot to take them out into the country and release them, nest and all. I wonder what time my husband will be home?
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