Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bands and Bows trunk sale, until the Spudfest

$1 clips
$4 headbands, corkers, and big barrettes
$3.50 items
Assorted fancy clips for $2
Headbands for $1.50
Clips are $1 a piece.

My sister dropped off her entire inventory of clips and barrettes, and threw a couple of head bands in there, too. Every thing is less than $5. I will show you anything you want, just stop by or give me a jingle and we can meet up. I have the boxes in the burb' so, if you see me out and about and you feel like shopping, you can! These pretties are priced to move, first come first serve.
Remember, if your favorite color isn't here she can also create anything you want. Custom orders can be here by the Spudfest, Saturday August 22nd.
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