Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Addison Rose!


Today my third child turned two. Now, I don't have two one year olds'; only one one year old, one two year old, one 6 year old and one 7 year old. Can you believe how much she has changed in two short years? Nuts.

Ridiculously blessed, I am.

Not one of us threw up today. That's how we celebrated. We may have actually kicked the flu thing that started here on Thursday. Since then, one of us has been sick everyday. We should be done now, unless it wants to surprise us with round two :) Crazier things have happened.

The birthday month is coming to a close. Only one niece on the 29th and then the bestest roomie ever on the 31st left to wish happy birthday to. In November I am turning 35 and my sensitive and caring husband said, "you may as well be 4o". He is so funny, isn't he? He thinks he is ;)
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