Friday, October 16, 2009

I had to get these down before I forgot...

I am drowning in material for posts. I am wading in it. I am sure you are shocked.

Here's a few tidbits to get you through the weekend from my newly 6 year old son.

Standing in line in the hospital cafeteria on his birthday, Gavin is juggling plates of salad and pizza and ice cream. He carefully put each plate on the scale to be weighed. The clerk says something about how nice of a job he is doing, she should hire him, she says. To which he replies without missing a single beat. "I can't work on the 10th. I am having a birthday party."

He has been learning to read by watching his older sister and just this morning he was sitting at the table reading the cereal box. He often uses his ears to read, listening carefully to what Maleah says, but he is sounding out words like pop. So he reads..."Snap, Crapple, Pop." That one cracked me up.

So, just now he comes into the kitchen listening to his new mp3 player. He is just a singing along to the songs. He doesn't even know the words but he still pushes the noises out, it sound sort of like a howling cow. "Neuooo, make the wattaaa, woooorld a better plllllaaaaaceeee." Anyway, he stops for a minute when he sees me standing by the counter, utensils in hand. Then, at the top of his lungs he screams, "MOM, ARE YOU MAKING NORA'S CAKE!" It almost knocked me over it was so loud. We had a quick pow wow about how he doesn't have to scream when he has earbuds in.

Yowsers. My ribs hurt.
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