Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's me again, frugal momma.

It's been awhile since I posted any frugal (cheap) ideas and with the holidays coming up I thought I would just let everyone know about some new things I have been trying.

SWAGBUCKS I do most of my shopping online. It's normal for me to do several searches and research for the best prices. My sister told me about this new site that gives you 'bucks' for searching. It's called swagbucks and if you search through their site you can earn 'bucks' to purchase prizes, products, gift cards, etc.

Search & Win

At first I didn't know what to do, but now instead of using google I use swagbucks and I have already earned 2 amazon gift cards in less than a month!

So, if you use the Internet anyway, try swagbucks and get prizes for doing what you do normally!

HIPPOPOST I love getting mail. I found this really cool site called Hippopost that will let you upload a photo and send a message with it on a postcard for FREE. You can send several free EVERYDAY! Just log in at to get started. I sent several the other night in just a few minutes. I know your friends and family will love getting mail. They sell advertising to pay for your card so there will be a small advertisement on the card, just so you know, but I got to pick from a couple of different ads when I sent mine.

EBATES Don't forget to use ebates for all your purchases. After you search with swagbucks to find the best deals, log into your ebates account to get cash back for online purchases at over 1000 stores. I have over $30 in cash coming this month. WAHOO! Read this post for more information on ebates.

ALICE Don't forget about Who can pass up items you need delivered to your door for cheaper than you can get them at Walmart? Let me think, no 25 mile drive, no strapping kids in car seats, no pushing a germ infested cart through crowds of coughing, snotty people, no waiting in line at the checkout, no telling your kids don't touch, put it back...I think I'll stick with Shop the best deals tab to get the cheapest prices on their products. They have everything from coffee to diapers. All orders have FREE SHIPPING and everyone of my orders have been here within 3 days.

I gotta be honest. I hate shopping brick and mortar stores now, yep even the thrift stores are losing their sparkle. I LOVE the convenience of shopping online and getting great deals. If you need to purchase something or want some help using one of these sites. Just call me or email me and I would love to show you how. My husband just about purchased a new battery for his cell phone for $29 this morning. I almost fainted. In 6 minutes I found the EXACT one, brand new, online for 2.99 with 1.99 shipping. The company is reputable and has a good reputation and positive reviews. It's already in the mail, I got the shipping status update from the USPS.

Happy Shopping!
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