Thursday, November 05, 2009

count with me

Birthday, by the numbers...

8 glorious hours at my FAVORITE classroom, subbing, which led to

2 tired feet from fabulous yet extremely uncomfortable boots.

35 candles on surprise birthday cake (see photo) made by

1 adorable hubby; cake from a box, frosting from SCRATCH!

2.5 hours at the dentist from which my 6-year old son left saying, "THAT WAS FUN!"

1 totally awesome neighbor who was able to watch the baby girls since the dentist was running behind and adorable hubby had a night shift.

6 hungry people fed by a warm meal made by none other than adorable hubby.

2 homemade birthday salutations made by the big kids (see photo).

9 birthday emails, phone calls or texts + lots of facebook birthday wishes.

4 beautiful children singing me happy birthday.

2 slices of cake shared with neighbor (thanks Doris).

20 some candles lit, it got too hot to light them all...

2 baby girls who slept ALL NIGHT LONG.

1 very exhausted but extremely content and ridiculously blessed mommy with a birthday hangover headache:)
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