Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nerve endings

For the last ten days or so I have had this twitch on the left side of my face. It started coming and going during the day and has pretty much evolved into a full spasm all day long. It is annoying at the least and last night I actually drooled on myself. So, I believe it is getting worse. AND, my hubby said, "your face is really screwed up,". So this morning I called the doctor, made an appointment and dropped the girls off at the super neighbor's house, actually she picked them up for me :)

Doc, whom I trust more now than ever considering my health history, says it is more than likely a viral infection called Bells Palsy. Which, I assume, sounds a lot scarier than it is. Got two kinds of medicine to fight the infection and a steriod for whatever steroids do.

Tomorrow the doctor scheduled a MRI for my brain just to be sure it is what he thinks it is. I am a little nervous but that is my nature. If you happen to get a moment to talk to the Creator today, could you put in a good word for me? I know He has it all planned out, but I could use a little peace that passes all understanding until the test results get back.

Seems this palsy stuff is all about the nerve endings in my face stemming from my brainstem. So I hope and pray that it corrects itself but in some cases the damage can be permanent. I hope and pray that mine is not the latter.

Thanks for your prayers.
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