Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday afternoon the nurse called and confirmed what the doctor thought. It is Bells Palsy, a viral infection, and with treatment it should go away. It was amazing that I heard the phone because I was in and out of the house packing up the camper for our impromtu weekend.

We are NOT planners. We camp when the opportunity presents itself. This time my sister had a spot she wasn't able to use and we snatched it up last minute. It was cool and the forecast predicted rain but we packed ponchos and mud boots and headed north.

We weren't there five minutes and the boys, Gavin brought a friend, had their lines in the water. Dad was still leveling the camper when they pulled their first fish outta the lake. What a great start to the weekend!

The rest of the weekend went fast and was a ton of fun. I think you will get more out of the photos than my jibber jabber so may I present to you the first camping weekend of 2011, gordo style...

fishing in the rain
computer games in the rain
picnic when the sun came out
more fishin'
canoe rental 3 hours $15, acutal use time 45 min before the rain and wind came back :)
even more fishin', I could see them from the camper - it was an awesome spot
it's getting hot out here
no more clothes
burying in the sand, everyone got a turn
And just before our showers (read; sand where the sun don't shine) on the last day we ended the weekend the same way we began it with one super big fish on the line. We couldn't ask for anything more now could we?
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