Thursday, December 15, 2011


I participated in a cookie exchange last weekend. I have to tin up the cookies immediately or else they get me.

 Addison and Nora pose before Addi's Preschool Christmas program.
 The whole nursery class at the church after the program.
 Addison is very thoughtful, asking Santa for gifts for everyone, don't you think? Poor Gavin.
 I am not sure why the pom poms aren't all on the hand print tree but I do know that it is beautiful.
I am waiting on a few addresses and then all 75 of these will be in the mail. I think I deserve to crack open a treat tin, no?

How is the pay it forward going in your world? I have been on the receiving end all week. Wonderful blessing have been poured on our family and each time I have almost been moved to tears. This is the season I have been waiting for. The Love that has come down to be spread around. I can't wait to hear how you have blessed others or how you have been blessed.
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